The Founder

M. K. Angajan

MK. Angajan is one of the leading philosophers of our time. For the last 27 years Angajan has been deeply involved in the study, research and assimilation of Vedanta, Management and Leadership Philosophy, spiritual literatures of the East and West, human values and the human mind from an early age. He is an enthralling keynote speaker, having presided at several prestigious events and conferences on the global stage. He has coached top-notch business leaders, inspired tens of thousands of distinguished audiences, entrepreneurs, students and youth globally for fulfilled living, peak performance and to live a life in harmony with the laws of the universe.

Angajan’s books “VALUE SYSTEMS FOR SUCCESS” and “FROM GODS TO GODHEAD” as well as audio books, CDs and DVDs on various topics received world recognition. By introducing Angajan’s exceptional courses, companies have reported happier workplace, increased efficiency, creativity, teamwork, better communication, decrease in illness and absenteeism, and a reduction in employee turnover.

Featured in many Television and radio talk shows, as well as in popular magazines he has taken his philosophy to many countries across 5 continents. His scientific rationale, practical approach and passionate presentations grounded by wisdom, expertise and humor have earned him the patronage of many Fortune 500 corporations and International Schools of Business. They include among others: MDRT, IBM, Eskom, BP, PWC, Multichoice, Toyota, Standard Bank, VW, TATA, Reserve Bank of India, Ned Bank, Indian Institute of Management, Fujitsu, Siemens, HPCL, The Legal Aid Board, Larsen & Toubro, Old Mutual and Chambers of Commerce internationally.

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